25 Date Ideas in Medellin

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From picnics, to museums, to group date nights. Check out our top 25 date ideas in Medellin and always have a plan.

  1. Picnic in Ciudad Del Rio
  2. Tejo in Envigado (group date!)
  3. Salsa class
  4. Go to Parque Arvi on the cable cars
  5. Lunch at Mercado del Rio
  6. Beer tasting
  7. Wine tasting at Voila Vinos
  8. Hike in El Salado (Envigado)
  9. Hike in La Clara (Caldas)
  10. Brunch and mimosas
  11. Concert
  12. Bike ride on the ciclovia
  13. Pizza and wine at Zorba
  14. Picnic in Jardin Botanico
  15. Volunteer
  16. Couples massage
  17. Horseback riding
  18. Weekend finca getaway
  19. Game night (group date!)
  20. Afternoon drinks at Envy
  21. Visit Parque Exploradora
  22. Farmers market at Parque Presidenta
  23. Night picnic at 37Park
  24. Country-themed potluck dinner (group date!)
  25. Museum of Antioquia

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