4 Things You Can Do This Week to Win over Your Suegra

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flower for mother

My Colombian mother-in-law and I have a good relationship. But it didn’t get there magically. I put in some effort before I even met her and made a good impression. For those who want to start on a good foot with their Colombian mother-in-law, or patch a slightly-damaged relationship up, here ar efor things you can do today to get on your suegra’s good side.

mother's day in Colombia


1. Buy her flowers.

We live in the City of Eternal Spring – there are the most beautiful and the cheapest flowers in the world (I made this up, but still, you can spring $10,000 pesos).

I promise you that this will win you some points with your Colombian mother-in-law. I sent my mother-in-law a huge bouquet of flowers to her doorstep on International Women’s Day. After that, I was in.

colombian suegra


2. Get your nails done with her.

If your not a woman, or your just not into getting your nails done, take her to lunch. Choose a Saturday and you don’t have to go all out and splurge, just a simple day-date just with you and her. This will help you out. Pro-tip: this will win you extra points if it’s the morning of Mother’s Day in Colombia.


3. Whatsapp chat with her.

I recommend chatting with your Colombian mother-in-law at least once a week on Whatsapp. Even if it’s just to say “Buenos dias como esta?”. Bonus points if you send one of these babies:

talking to your colombian mother in law


4. Bring her breakfast.

This is something really easy and won’t take up a lot of your time. My favorite food to bring over is some goodies from Los Porteños Medellin before I go to work. If you don’t have time to grab breakfast with your mother-in-law during the week before you go to work, you can always have them delivered with a nice note.


medellin breakfast spots


Experienced multicultural couples, what do you do to get on your in-law’s good side?

1 thought on “4 Things You Can Do This Week to Win over Your Suegra

  1. All those ideas would get my mom to love my boyfriend!
    He did the lunch one and tries to talk a little with my family (even though he doesn’t really speak Spanish) and they love him!

    My question now is: How do I get my American suegra to like me if we are not in the same country yet?

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