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We met on Tinder. Yes, it is possible to find a meaningful relationship from a dumb dating app. Since the week of our first date, we’ve pretty much been inseparable. Along with the normal challenges of every relationship, we have a multicultural relationship that provides us with a whole new set of challenges.


A Multicultural Relationship Blog

From impressing your mother-in-law, to managing a spousal visa application, to a million different Medellin date ideas, we have information overload. After giving so many recommendations to people who ask us – and so much advice to first-timer’s managing a multicultural relationship – we decided to write it all in one place.  We hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to drop us some questions or suggestions on what you’d like to see posted.


The gringa of the relationship. From Southern California, to Seattle, to Quito, to Barranquilla, to San Francisco, to Medellin. Eleni has lived in enough cities to know how to adapt. To food, languages, public transportation, and ultimately, to international relationships.

She currently works as a recruiter. When she has free time, she organizes the Women Entrepreneurs of Medellin group.

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The paisa of the relationship. Mario is a freelance photographer and a drummer in multiple local rock bands. While Eleni might be the strategist, Mario is most certainly the creative. As this is his first multicultural relationship, Mario has experienced first hand what it’s like to date someone outside of your comfort zone, and your language skills.

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