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One of the best parts about dating someone here in Medellin is always having someone to go out dancing with. Anyone who knows me knows that I love reggaeton and usually only go out dancing in clubs that play reggaeton. I also like salsa but I’ve always been too embarrassed by my terrible salsa skills…Continue Reading “Finding a Salsa Class in Medellin That’s Right for You”

You haven’t seen a soccer game until you’ve been to a soccer game in Colombia; and you haven’t seen a rilvary until you’ve been to a Deportivo Independiente Medellín (DIM) versus Atlético Nacional game. We were lucky enough to be able to go to a “clasico” game between these two rivals last Saturday. It was completely out…Continue Reading “What You Need to Know to Attend a Medellin Soccer Game”

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Flowers and a nice dinner at a restaurant where everyone else in the city is celebrating Valentine’s Day is not going to win you any points. The best dates are ones that are different than the norm. Here are some ideas to make this special day with your amor better than last year’s teddy bear…Continue Reading “5 Medellin Valentine’s Day Dates for Every Relationship Level”

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My Colombian mother-in-law and I have a good relationship. But it didn’t get there magically. I put in some effort before I even met her and made a good impression. For those who want to start on a good foot with their Colombian mother-in-law, or patch a slightly-damaged relationship up, here ar efor things you…Continue Reading “4 Things You Can Do This Week to Win over Your Suegra”