Dating a Gringo as a Colombian Woman

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dating a gringo

How is dating (a.k.a hooking up, hanging out, having a gringo boyfriend, or any other type of relationship-ish you can have with a foreigner) a gringo when you are a Colombian woman?

Well, this is a super tough question! And it is difficult because everything I will say here is a generalization. Keep that in mind while reading this. However, as a wise friend once told me: “We generalize to simplify reality”. Of course, there will always be exceptions.

Before starting to write this, I did some “research” (a.k.a gossip) with a girlfriend who is currently living in the U.S and has dated a couple of gringos there. I asked her “What is it like to date a gringo?”. Her experience seems to be completely different than the experiences I have had dating gringos. Why is that?

First, because everybody is different! and regardless of your nationality, there are always differences when dating different people. Second, because I not only date gringos, but rather gringos who travel, and I believe – my friend seconds this theory – there is a big difference between dating a gringo and dating a gringo who travels.

So, what’s it like to date a gringo who travels?

  1. They are less romantic

Chivalry is not dead for Colombian men. They are (usually) a typical gentleman that opens the door for you, pulls the chair out for you, says “ladies first”, and gifts you chocolates and roses just because. A gringo who travels is way less romantic than this. And in my experience, actually, does none of those things.

Why do I like this? Because I don’t want a gentleman around me. Thanks, dear, but I can open the door by myself. And keep giving me chocolates but…roses? What am I supposed to do with those? I like living nature. Take me on a hike and show me the beauty of the flowers there!

dating a gringo

  1. Gringos who travel have stories to tell

Sadly, Colombians don’t travel as often as gringos. A guy who travels will have a lot of great stories to tell you. This not only applies to gringos who travel, but to everyone that travels.

Why do I like this? Because it’s never boring. I love stories and I love to exchange them. Having something to talk about is a key in any type of relationship I may have.

  1. They don’t really want to commit

A typical 30-year-old Colombian must be thinking that it’s time to settle down, buy a house, get a steady job, and probably get married. That’s definitely not what a gringo who travels is looking for. They just want to have fun and explore this country before the move to the next one.

Why do I like this? Because even the love of my life will only be the love of my life for a specific period of time, which at the end, is the only life we have, right?

dating gringos

  1. They like adventure

They like to do new stuff. They’re active. They are explorers. They like an adventure. A gringo in Colombia’s favorite plan is leaving town for a weekend getaway and hiking.

Why do I like this? I used to be a super lazy girl. My favorite plan for Sunday was staying at home doing literally nothing. Now, I can not do that anymore. I need to be active, I need to explore, I need to get out of the city. I need to travel and explore and I love to have a partner in crime for that.

  1. Things go faster

Dating a Colombian can take years. We still are a conservative country and even most of the young people believe that something serious need to start slow. With a gringo, you can concrete a lot of things in the first couple dates. And, I won’t go any deeper at this point, haha.

Why do I like this? I seriously believe that there isn’t timing for anything. Whatever you want, make it happen. Slow processes in dating are boring and old fashion!

  1. Gringos are more relaxed

A Colombian will pretend he’s a perfect guy who never smells bad, gets sick, burps, or gets pecueca (google it and learn what it means!). A gringo who has traveled is more relaxed with all these normal human-body aspects., Sometimes, unfortunately, they can be way more relaxed than they should.

Why do I like this? Although it can be a bit gross sometimes, I like and admire the fact gringos believe we’re human bodies and we’re not perfect. The fact he burps in front of you after drinking the beer shows confidence. I believe I can do the same.

international dating

  1. They wash dishes

Not all, though. But I have been fortunate enough to not have to wash dishes after cooking breakfast. I’m sure a typical Latino would leave the plates in the kitchen waiting for me to wash them.

Why do I like this? I enjoy washing dishes – I seriously do- but there’s nothing sexier than a man taking care of his stuff and cleaning his mess. I swear to God that turns me on!

  1. You can laugh at them (when they speak Spanish)

And they can laugh at you when you speak English. You can correct them and they can correct you. They will surprise you saying local words they just learned and they will annoy you by asking you to speak in English, even if they have a decent basic-conversation Spanish.

Why do I like this? Because it’s like being in a constant language exchange. You learn and you teach. Plus, it’s fun and they sound super cute trying to not to sound like a 4-year-old.

Andrea believes that there’s too much beauty in the world, and she likes to travel because she loves to see -and feel- it!. Medellin local, she has friends on all continents, loves chocolate and wine, reads a lot and collects quotes (@memoriapoetica). She stopped buying clothes when she figured out that everything she needs, she can fit in her backpack.

5 thoughts on “Dating a Gringo as a Colombian Woman

  1. I’m a gringa, but I definitely enjoyed reading from the perspective of a Colombiana. It makes me appreciate our gringo men so much more!

  2. well I can agree with all the points.. mas o menos 🙂

    but not with the 1st one!!! … it’s very individual. At least, I think most of the Europeans (not sure about US guys) would do all those “gentleman” things (even on hook-up date) 😀

  3. I would have to disagree with your points.I am not Colombian, but Mexican. I used to live in the US for 14 years, so I know gringos much better than you do, lass. Some are nice people, but others are cunning, calculating, sex tourist, low class, uncultured scum.

    I think you idealize gringos too much. There are some Latinos who like hiking and adventuring, that is not only a gringo thing, lass.

    To break your unreasonable Latino man stereotypes, well, let me tell you I am not very extroverted but rather shy, sensitive, and reserved at first.

    Second, I know how to cook, pay my own bills, wash my dishes and clothes, clean the bathroom.

    Third,I am a very active person both physically and intellectually. Perhaps you should have searched much better in your country.

    Fourth, I am not a macho type of guy. I do have a strong temper when needed however. Actually in almost all my relationships, my past girls were the ones wearing the pants in the relationship (I was the mandilon, as we Mexicans calla guy who is not dominant).

    Fifth, I personally do not find the gringa look attractive both physically, their culture and mentality. I prefer white to olive skin Latinas, Italian, Russian, Arab, Turkish and Japanese girls. I can tolerate a woman with strong character or a dominant , ambitious woman, but NEVER a woman that dresses like a slob like the average gringa does. If I dress and take good care of myself, I expect the same in a woman to be fair.

    1. This story wasn’t about you, you have a chip on your shoulder. No one cares if you can wash dishes or pay your bills. You’re full of hate and clearly jealous and insecure. Envy is manifesting in the form of bigotry and fascism.

  4. Good information and oversite,on gringos Andrea.I’m a Caucasian gringo lived in the U S all of my life.I’ve traveled extensively throughout central and south America and yes Colombia too.It doesn’t surprise me that some disagreed with your comments Andrea.Like Erwin’s long drawn out version of his ideas ie ideals of how life is.Just remember Andrea the majority of people who gladly share their level of discontent haven’t even left the front porch as you and I have and continue to do so .If two people like each other’s vibe,laugh,like adventure that simplify’s things.The majority of people regardless of age never get it obviously,but I’m glad you and I get it Andrea.” Time stops for nobody in life.” It’s about living the life and nonconformance,life and laughter happenes and to me that’s the best part of life.Great article Andrea I concur. Eddie )))

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