Day Trip to San Antonio

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couples trip to san antonio medellin

First stop in San Antonio de Pereira

Our very first day trip together! We took a day trip to the pueblo Antioqueño called San Antonio de Pereira – by motorcycle. And of course, we had to bring the fish eye lens.

day trip to san antonio de pereira san antonio in medellin


San Antonio de Pereira is a quaint little town outside of Medellin. It’s a little chillier, and known for…. it’s desserts! Yes, a town just for eating dessert. Dreams do come true.

We arrived at around noon and had a couple cervezas to beat the heat.

day trip to san antonio de pereira


Shopped around the artisanal craft fair and sat to chat in the park.

couples trip to san antonio medellin


And finally, ATE DESSERT (sorry, no pictures, too full).


Second stop in El Retorno

After dessert, we scooted on to El Retorno, which is another small town close by.

day trips around medellin


One more cerveza.

pueblos around medellin what to do in el retorno medellin


Third stop at a Medellin lookout

Rain clouds were upon us and we decided to head back to town. The best way to end a wonderful day trip? To stop at a mirador (lookout) and drink hot choco (with cheese of course!).

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