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Dog in Sabaneta

After years of wanting a dog, we finally adopted Juno here in Medellin in February 2018! Since then, we have learned a lot about having a dog in Medellin.

dogs in Medellin

Adopting a dog in Medellin

There are a lot of ways you can find a dog to adopt in Medellin. There are a ton of Facebook groups where people share dogs for adoption that need a home. Here are a few:

adopt a dog in Medellin
Juno before and after adoption!

Where to buy dog supplies in Medellin

Once you decide to open your home to a dog, you will need to purchase supplies! We bought most of our dog supplies, like a bed, collar, leash, food and water bowls, between Pa4Patas and Kanu in Centro Comercial Santa Fe. All of our dog’s toys and treats we purchased in local dog supply stores.

Where to buy dog food in Medellin

There are so many varieties of dog food that are available for purchase. If your dog is anything like Juno (who is picky about her food), then you will probably want to go somewhere where there is a variety. Exito has the largest variety of dog food available as well as local pet shops. Local pet shops can sometimes offer better prices as well and offer specialty items like sausage, special treats, and even pet-wheatgrass for your dog!

Since Juno is a really picky eater, we have mixed different things with her food to give it more flavor: cheese, broccoli, rice, morcilla (blood sausage), and chicken.


Dog walkers and dogsitters

There are a lot of dog walkers and dog-sitters in Medellin that are great and economical. Here are some that we, or our friends, have personally used and can recommend:

Dog Walkers in Medellin

Dog-sitters in Medellin


Things to do with your dog in Medellin

Medellin is a really dog-friendly city. There are so many things to do with your dog and you can take them so many places. Most cafes are dog friendly or have patios that are, and there are a lot of parks where dogs are free to run around.

Outdoor activities

  • La Clara – La Clara is where the river in Medellin begins. It is located in Caldas and is a really great place to take your dog if they like the outdoors. The hike is mostly up the riverbed, so there is a ton of space for them to run around freely. Plus, if your dog likes water, they can swim and play in the river! Since we live in Sabaneta, which is near to Caldas, it was about a $30.000 COP Uber ride to the beginning of La Clara. Since we were so muddy from the hike, we took a bus back and had no problem bringing Juno on the bus with us.

hiking with a dog in medellin

  • El Salado – El Salado is an ecological park in Envigado. You can take the bus to get there and back, as bus drivers will usually let you take your dog aboard. El Salado is great because it’s closer to the city than La Clara, but still gives dogs a great place to run around, hike, and play in the water. There are also a ton of other people who bring their dogs to El Salado, so it’s a great way for your dog to socialize.
Things to do with dogs in Medellin
Juno living her best life in El Salado
  • Tres Cruces – While the Tres Cruces hike might not be as long, it’s a great way for both you and your dog to get a great workout while not leaving the city.
  • La Romera – La Romera is an ecological park in the hills of Sabaneta. It is definitely the longest and most challenging of this list. You can take the bus up the initial hill from Sabaneta, and then hike up to the park. It’s about 3.5 hours round trip and very steep. Definitely a good workout for both you and your dog!

hiking with dog in medellin

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