Your Guide to Using Tinder in Colombia

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online dating in colombia

We met on Tinder. Yes, it is possible to have a valuable relationship come from a silly dating app. However, there are some differences in between dating online here and in the States that singles here should know about

This post was originally written by Eleni and her close friend Josh as a guest post on OutInColombia. See the original post here

We learned the hard way so you don’t have to. Don’t even think to start swiping without reading through our most vital do’s and don’ts of Tindering in Colombia:

1. Do expect to pay if you invite them out. If you invite, you pay. Chivalry is alive and well in South America. If you are attracted to this person enough to ask them on a date you should have no problem laying some cash on the line, especially since going dutch could cost you enough embarrassment to fuel a trip to the Netherlands.

2. Do expect them to live with their parents until they explicitly tell you otherwise. It’s not typical to move out right when you turn 18. If you’re lucky the uncles might keep you around for some Sancoho and Whisky.

3. Don’t be weirded out if they invite you to a motel. Checking into the equivalent of a Super 8 is the sign of a really good date! Because living with your parents through your 20’s is the norm, going to a motel to get down is just good business and keeps you from those high school butterflies hatched from sneaking around.

4. Do act promptly on your matches…  no time to waste even if you’re just in town for a visit!

5. Don’t swipe right for a foreigner. You’re in Colombia! This is the land of the most beautiful people in the world, make the most of it! Aussie? Gringo? To the left! To the left! Paisa? Claro que si!

6. Do go out on group dates. If you get invited to go out with a group of their local friends, do! Learn the culture, go dance, and make new friends it’s all part of the experience.

7. Don’t expect everyone to communicate perfectly in English. Remember that you’re in their country and by gosh their accents and efforts are adorable. Makes MY heart melt.

8. Do practice your Spanish. If you’re going to go out with a local, learn the language and make an effort. They will appreciate you so much more just for trying, poco a poco.

9. Don’t follow them on all social media until you get to know them. What do we love best about Colombians? They’re full of emotion, they’re colorful, and they’re intense. That means if they like you, they really like you. Stick with communication via Tinder until you meet them, so if you have to give them the hand of rejection, you only have to on one channel.

10. Don’t tell them your unconfirmed plans. If you’re in Colombia for a visit, and let’s face it you can never visit just once, your new Colombian lover may want to wait for your return. Best to keep expectations low while keeping the mystery alive, here you’re the exotic one.

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