The Date in Which I Thought I Was Being Kidnapped

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It’s known that Mario and I met on Tinder. Before, I was embarrassed to tell people that we met on an app, but then I realized that if we hadn’t used Tinder, we would have never met each other. Also, I tell people because I think it gives hope to whoever is looking for their other half in Tinder 😉.

interracial couple

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Our first date was at a bar – called Callejón – in Envigado; definitely not the most romantic place on the planet, but I liked it. Before going to Callejón, we met in front of Envigado’s main church. When I saw Mario for the first time, I said (in Spanish with my super-foreign accent), “Hi! How are you?” and gave him a hug. He responded with a hug, and followed with “how are you?.. I have to make a call”.

Wow, what a gentleman, I thought.

After his call, we went to Callejón, where we had a good night of talking, drinking beer (a lot of beer), and finally, we said goodbye and returned to our own houses.

It was alright, not the best night of my life, but I had a good time. To be honest, I didn’t think we’d see each other again. But after a couple days, we started talking on WhatsApp to plan our second date.

interracial couple

I was new in Medellin, so I told Mario that he had to choose where we were going to go out. He told me we should go to “Ciudad del Río”, and that he could pick me up on his motorcycle from my house.

Great, I thought. I’ve never been to that part of the city, and I was going to go to a new place in Medellin. Also, riding on a motorcycle seemed exciting and different for me, I felt like Lizzy McGuide in Rome in the Lizzy Movie.

My imagination running as fast as Lizzy’s vespa.

At around 8pm, Mario picked me up in front of my apartment building’s entryway. In less than 5 minutes we were riding on the freeway. I had never been on a freeway on a motorcycle. 

Suddenly, a waterfall of ideas started flowing through my mind.

What am I doing?! I thought, I’m sitting on the back of a motorcycle with a foreign man I met on the internet! And he knows where I live… alone!! I’m the example of what every parent tells their daughters NOT to do when they travel abroad. 

In that moment, I had two options: jump of this motorcycle in the middle of the freeway, or stay put and see what happens.

If I stayed put, there were only two ways my night could end: as the last day of my life or a good night with a nice guy.


We arrived in Ciudad del Rio. The spot where we parked the motorcycle was a dim-lit area, with guys skateboarding and smoking weed.

This is the end, I can already imagine the headline “Gringa disappeared on the side of a river in Colombia for thinking a guy with a motorcycle is cool”. 

But it wasn’t the last day of my life, we ended up walking throughout the museum that sits right around the corner from the skate park and we had a great time. And, after that night, we were inseperable, nad we talked and saw each other every day following. 

So, my lesson is: it is possible to meet a great love via the internet, but, be careful 😉.

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